The Mind of Androgyny –part 4– To the beyond (A story by Jack)

Exploratory Habitat: Annubis

Exploratory Pod: Galileo

“It’s still difficult for me to grasp, but we’re going to be the first of mankind to inhabit a brand-fuckin-new planet. –Brand-fuckin-new!” Said an eager and ambitious middle-aged man.  He possessed much authority due to the extent of his wealth, yet one would have never guessed by his demeanor.  It is difficult to discern whether he is in his late thirties or early forties, but if one were to judge by his attire one would assume he was in his late teens.  He was in, arguably, the most expensive pound-for-pound piece of machinery ever built.  He is about to engulf in an endeavor that will be the most important in the history of man, and he is wearing basketball shorts and a cut off t-shirt.  He has typical male-patterned baldness and very little respect for the etiquette of hygiene.  He is a very wealthy man, who feels no need to prove anything to anyone, at least in the sense of flaunting his wealth.

Apart from him, sat Chung.–A scientist on board the ship who James has taken a particular liking to.  Chung could not figure out why.  He wasn’t sure if it was because they were close in age or because he was the only one who genuinely minded James, albeit for limited amounts of time.  Chung put up with James’ crude interpersonal skills.  This isn’t so much a fair statement because James had the skills he simply chose to disregard them.

James belonged to the wealthiest bloodline on planet earth.  And in the year 2172 AD he assumed complete control of this families wealth.  And by the year 2180 he decided to manifest his boyhood dream of not only discovering but setting up life on a  brand new planet.  So when Big Science got wind of Second Earth, he new his calling.  He always wanted to be the first to do something.  He knew he couldn’t live up to his fathers standard of success by any earth bound accomplishment, so he sought to do something fantastical.  He sought to sew he oat in the stars.

He began a joint venture with The United Providences of Earth– the unilateral ruling body that governed the world’s affairs.  He would finance the majority of the mission, while UPE would provide both the knowledge base , logistical support, and military support to successfully complete the mission.  A lofty idea yes, but a pragmatical idea because the resources did exist.  And the more importantly, the ambition and curiosity existed.

“’s amazing what money can buy huh.” Remarked Chung with a condescending undertone.  James could not discern the ethnicity of  Chung, he just knew he wasn’t white.  Chung was a man relatively small in stature.  And did not know what he as getting himself into.  He volunteered for this mission because of his ambition.  He really had little ties to anyone back on earth and was forever engrossed in his career.  The idea of being part of the team that inhabited New Earth was something he could never pass up.  He knew that his critical adaption of the Mind-Link device and building of the Mind-Link network was the only reason he was approached for this mission.  He was the first person to successfully link man and machine by thought.  The thoughts of a man can be communicated via a network, like an internet, to a cloud like system.  What that man is feeling emotionally, instinctively, fears, all active thoughts can be downloaded and decoded instantaneously.   And conversely thoughts can be communicated to and from.  Thus, if you wanted to communicate with anyone “uploaded” to the network you could express active thoughts to them and vice verse.  The device isn’t a permanent imbedding because it can be disconnected by both parties at any time.

“Hey Chung, you know we’re going to go down in the history book.  They’re definitely going to create a Holiday for me.–Like Columbus day. Except, you know, I actually discovered this place.”

“I see.” replied Chung.  Chung saw this as the perfect opportunity to pick his financier’s brain.  “So, in the perfect world.  If this planet is as inhabitable as our reports have predicted, what exactly is the end game?”

“I like the way your brain works Chung.  I admire that about you.  Always the inquisitive one, the exploratory mind.  That’s precisely why you were chosen…”

Chung wasn’t sure if that was James’ way of avoiding the question but he opted not to probe any deeper at the present moment.

Along with James and Chung, the exploratory pod contained three other life forms.  Two women and a dog.  The dog being James’ closest companion named Bruno.  The two women were formally trained for combat.  Razelia was a few years older than James’ but has been head of his private security team for the past ten years, they have quite a rapport.  Alongside her is her protege Tazelia, she is about ten years younger than Razelia.  Razelia only agreed to go on this lengthy voyage if Razelia could come along with her and of course James acquiesced.  Tazelia was his comfort blanket.  Whenever she was near he felt no fear.  In all honesty, he considered her his personal good-luck charm.

The exploratory pod that the five were aboard was not very large at all.  The exploratory pod, Galileo, launched from the mother-habitat, Annubis, just three days prior.  The Annubis was a flying fortress, built for destruction.  James often thought he had the ability to blow the moon into little pieces if he oh so desired, this thought alone tickled him.  The exploratory pod, Galileo, was large enough to house the five sentient beings comfortably as well as the thirty-three militarized androids.  The droids were built for maxim destruction and designed to endure as well as dish out an abundance of damage.

Galileo is projected to land on the new earth within seventy-two hours.

The four are gathered around a circular table and are eating what they have agreed to be dinner.  The meal isn’t much to boast about, just enough to provide nutrients to the body.

“Hey, what do you guys think about this?” Says James.  “I’ve been watching a lot of videos about philosophy lately.”

“Hold on, like internet videos that anyone could post?” Ask Razelia.

“Exactly, you’d be surprise what jewels lie in plain sight.  Anyway, there’s this one guy, who goes by the name KY.  He he has this theory, that anything that can be conceptualized by the mind is a reality.  Like it exist somewhere in some reality.”

“Wait, so like, dragons, unicorns… anything?  That’s ridiculous.  Where the hell would it exist?”

“That’s just it.  KY says as humans we are not creative beings, we are just organizers of information.  He says that information reaches us in many manners and our imagination is just one way information is communicated to us.”

“That still doesn’t answer the question.”

“I know, but I was just thinking.  What if he’s right you know.  What if this new earth has all of those things imagined, you know.  Like what if we get here, and we are greeted by a talking unicorn. Wouldn’t that be nuts?”

Chung listened to the conversation, although he could not believe he was entertaining such a discussion right now.  Despite his efforts to dismiss the conversation it did jump start his mind with all types of wonders regarding New Earth.

“I mean, anything is possible.” Said Tazelia.  “Say we land and do encounter a new species of being.  What exactly are your plans?”

“It all know?  How welcoming will the beings be?  How intelligent will the beings be?  How sophisticated will the species be?  How will we be able to communicate with the species?”


“But if it’s a bunch of big breasted damsels in distress, well I’m sure I don’t need to finish the thought.”

No one knew how to quite respond to the comment, so they sat there in a brief awkward silence until Chung quickly broke the ice.

“Well, according to the preliminary prognostics , New Earth, has parallel topography and physical make-up as our own earth.” Added Chung.

“Yes Chung, that would mean there’s a change that whatever evolved on this earth had similar conditions to our own and may have evolved in the same manner.  Now who’s to say how far along they are along the evolutionary expression is an entirely different question.” Said James.  “All things to consider, but nothing to fret about. I am confident we are prepared for all possible outcomes.”


Minus 24 hours util breach.

“Hey Chung…”

The two women were resting in the slumber chambers.  Set rested at the foot of his master.  Chung was up reading the latest reports, cogitating about possible scenarios, and seemed to be the only one full of nerves.  There are so many variables to consider, what will be the weather be like, how will that effect the landing.  According to the reports, the land is teaming with life forms.  Are these life forms dangerous, docile, domestic or violent and dangerous.

Why am I the only one wrecked…

“Chung, you listening?”

“Huh, yah..I was just–”

“Yah, I know, you are a worried wreck.  It’s more than obvious.  Relax, I know we’re about to embark on the most paramount act in human history that can have so many implications to the direction mankind takes, but–take it easy.”

“I mean when you put it like…” Chung replied with an air of sarcasm.

“Here’s something to think about, it might take your mind off things.  I doubt it, but I to need to am a bit nervous and shooting the shit alleviated my mind.”  Said James.  “Well remember I was telling about that philosopher?”

“KY? Philosopher?  We’re being a little generous aren’t we..”

“True, regardless he had another interesting theory.”

“I’ll bite.”

“He had this theory that the earth that we called home was really the manifestation of Hell.  It was the biblical Hell or underworld of human myth.”

“And what would that make us?”

“Well this is where it gets interesting.  He says some of us are demons or the damned and we are leaching on the life force of the damned.  I guess the damned are those who are in Hell for a temporary amount of time, just log enough to experience their punishment, learn their lesson, or seek righteousness–I believe.  And some people, like Jesus, were teachers sent from this ‘Heaven’ to show the damned the way back.”

“So how could one know if he were demon or damned?”

“Well this is were his argument became a little shaky.  He said something about the dilation of pupils, and the government being in on it.  It totally went left field in to this conspiracy talk.”

“Well, if anyone would know about conspiracy theories and goverment it would definitely be you.”

James did not quite know how to take that jab,so he ignored it.

“Wouldn’t that be crazy if KY was right. What if he were landing on this wonderful planet where everyone is pleasant, and land of milk and honey.  What if we were the anomaly that managed to by pass the system.  We were able to find heaven with the power of our own ingenuity.  Wouldn’t that be something, when intellect overcomes God.”

Chung thought to himself momentarily.  As though a small glimpse of despair tackled his conscious.  He then spoke.

“If that’s the case, I’d guess I’d feel a little guilt.”

“Why’s that?  –Because we discovered heaven without the help of some God?”

“No, for the fact that we would be bringing Hell to a perfect paradise.”

James thought about the statement.  And although this was a complete hypothetical scenario, the statement resonated with him.  It actually resonated deeper than he would have liked.  The plus side it removed any residual nerves that he had but replaced them with pensive thoughts.

The pod began to shake violently.  Bruno began to bark incessantly.  Razelia became fully alert and urgently headed towards Chung.

“What the hell was that?”

“I don’t know.” Replied Chung.  “This isn’t in our reports.”  It appears as though we are breaching some type of ether.  Maybe it’s equivalent to this earth’s ozone layer.  Who knows?”

“Well how much longer will it last?”

“Hopefully not much longer…I really have no idea.”






Beings are damned to dementions… Not completely destroyed but banished.. They can not traverse between dimensions without portals… These humans are the gateways between dimensions.. A death in one can be birth within another


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I am called Jack. I am an incarnation of all the Jack's that have ever been. My opinions and philosophies are a reflection of said Jack's. The blog is entitled Inglorious Resurrection because like you I have been granted yet another chance, and like you each chance granted becomes more degenerative than the previous. And like you, I yearn for a way out. Jack is my only glimpse of hope because there is a lil Jack in all of us.
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