The Mind of Androgyny –part 1–Septuachet Rises (A story by Jack)

“Since the very beginning we were always meant to rule ourselves.  Yet, particular principles were set in place.  Ideologies and moralities placed to help keep order.  And as a precaution, principalities were set in order.  Laws of the megaverse that can not be broken by any known means, such Gravity, Death, Love.  There were other principalities set into motion the could be harassed through free will: that of Justice and Freedom.  These principles were not governed by the same manner as the universal principles of the galaxies–those principles are automated and run as a clock would.  No, these principles of Justice and Freedom were bestowed unto men and for any being to seize them, as they saw fit.”

A fascinated daughter looks up at her father as he is telling this story.  Her eyes are enticed by the spectacle of colors that surround her.  She is below the crust of the earth within the Story chamber, where the future leaders of man learn their lessons, particular truths bestowed upon them passed down by narratives from the Voice of tradition.

“Will I one day influence the destiny of men, father?”

He recognized the ambition in the young child’s voice. He did not want to tarnish this but he remained well aware of the darkening that ambition can place on a man’s soul.

“Septuachet’s, your  relationship with Imagination will lead the way.. But for now, simply listen, for these seeds will one day blossom.  Do you want to bare good fruit or bad?”


“Well then, where was I? Aww yes, Freedom and Justice.  There was a time when these two principles were not unified.  There was a time when virtues were not enough to rule the heart of men.  Justice had it’s own kingdom among the surface of the earth and Freedom had a stronghold upon the desires of men.  These two principles were scattered upon the surface of the earth for any and all to grasp and use with their own discretion.  Men and women from all tribes across the earth seized the principles.  These peoples did not know the power that they possessed.  Even a portion of the power of Justice was enough to corrupt a man’s imagination.  Men ceased being men and were turning into things of their warped imagination.  The Barrier between death and life  became too accessible and the system of our world began to slowly deteriorate.  The souls of the righteous men became the most precious of commodities.  They were hunted and feasted upon in extravagant ritual.  Men became monsters and monsters still lusted for men.”

Septuachet looked at her master teacher with a certain fascination.  She didn’t quite believe the story to be true but she knew something about the story resonated with her.  And she held that truth deep inside.

“Then one day a restoration process took place.  The righteous were placed into a habitat of protection, an illustrious biosphere of organic energy, all that the righteous needed to survive and thrive.  Nothing was allowed into this place and nothing was allowed out of this place.  It was guarded by the fiercest things imaginable.  Freedom and Justice were reconciled and each were made whole again.  A great flood came and destroyed every living thing outside of the habitat. And so the people lived amongst each other in a spirit of righteousness.  The allotted one to be the caretaker of Justice and Freedom alike. They all ate from the tree of life and unanimously selected a leader..”


Septuachet  pointed to an image that now hovered above her almost in free space as a projection.  Aww, her progress is coming along swell the master teacher thought to himself.  She is improving her ability to harness the imagination well.

“Yes, and She has passed this responsibility down throughout time.”

“Where is She now?” Asked Septuachet.

“Do you not see Her?”

Although he himself could not see her, he felt her divine presence.  He already knew that his daughter was the chosen one, but this conjuring put all worries to rest.  All that was needed now was to keep young Septuachet  safe and sound within righteousness.

“Ask her a question.”

“Father, how can I…”

“Never doubt, doubt is the precedence to destruction.”

The apparition began to fade in and out.  Septuachet quickly regained faith and began to actualize Her.  As She became closer and closer the details of her, vividly displayed themselves.  Septuachet noticed that her flesh was the same reddish brown hue as the envisioned woman. She reveled in the physical beauty of Her and only hoped that one day she could reach such physical prowess.  She yearned for hypnotizing hips, confident shoulders and a buxom backside.  She was everything Septuachet  envisioned herself being as an adult.  She slowly walked closer and closer to Septuachet in a mesmerizing fashion.  The Master teacher had not the knowledge to see what was going on.  All that he could see was that his daughter was in a trancelike state.  

She walked right up to the young Septuachet and placed both hands upon the child’s head, and with her full lips placed a kiss upon the child’s forehead.

“Why me?” asked Septuachet.  

“That is for you to experience and not to know.  That is for you to transcend, it is not a condemnation but a responsibility that is not without consequence.”

Septuachet, although only five years of age(as appearance would have it) completely understood what She meant.

“My message to you, before I leave, is that forgiveness is life.  Allow your relationship with imagination to help guide the way, beyond curiosity.  Remember forgiveness will always set you free, and will help balance the Principles of Freedom and Justice, you always have a choice.”

With that spoken, She vanished as quickly as she appeared.  Septuachet  slowly withdrew from her trancelike state.  The Master Teacher gathered his young daughter as she began to cry.  He knew today’s lesson was  among the most valuable that she would learn.  He held his daughter close as she began to whimper.  With his daughter embraced tightly in his arms he exited the room and began to ascend steps.  With his mind he was able to manipulate the labyrinth of steps.  For this chamber was indeed the holiest of holies and access was only granted to a few and only at particular times.  They eventually followed the steps to the surface of the labyrinth as he stood on the lobby floor of the pyramid.

The master teacher walked with his daughter in arms toward the exit of the pyramid.  His bare chest welcomed the chilled air.  An orgy of color tantalized his eyes.  Although he was currently in a male state of existence he understood that this was merely a product of The Infinite’s chosen manifestation for him.  In the night sky he could make out the source of the Infinite with brilliance.  As he looked up, he could tell that this was a very special night because the Infinite was at its brightest.  It wasn’t quite a planet and it wasn’t quite a star, but it shown brilliant like it was.  As tradition has taught him, the Infinite was but a gateway, a direct source to “All that is and all that ever was”.  Only a select few have ascended and explored its depths, none of which have came back, but occasionally from the Infinite comes a Messenger-of-the-ages.  The Master Teacher gazed upon the radiance of the Infinite and allowed the energy to renew and invigorate him.

He placed his young daughter on her feet.  And she stood in astonishment as the entire kingdom came out to her coronation.  The Elders of the community have informed the entire kingdom of the celebratory ceremony.  The relativity of time has proven itself true yet again.  What has felt like merely a few hours for a father and daughter in the Story Chamber has proven to have been forty years for the remainder of the kingdom. And what is forty years to the Kingdom could be a million life times for the world of another.  The Kingdom eagerly awaited their young Pharaoh, Septuachet. Septuachet was but five years old and all of the excitement startled her a bit because it was the first time she had seen anything of the sort. Although the Infinite illuminated the sky above, the garden was illuminated by brilliance.  Bioluminescence inundated the atmosphere by all things imaginable.  Septuachet found herself mesmerized by a team of fireflies floating towards her. Seven fireflies floated towards her in a straight line, very rhythmically.  They came directly towards her nose and began to circle her head until they created a crown of bioluminescence above her head.

Green skinned men began to create trumpet like sounds.  They were considered to be the connection between earth and man.  They spoke the truths of the earth and specialized in bringing for the crops and fruits of the earth.  They were the caretakers of the Tree of Righteousness and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They stood as tall as the trees that stood next to them.

Septuachet’s favorite companion wobbled up the pyramid ramp to greet her in her time of excellence. It was a fury centipede like being. It was Septuachet’s favorite being in all of earth. It was four feet in length and about the size of a very large hog.

“Hey Swelvy… How is my Swelvy! I missed you so much!” She stated as she reached down to embrace the gentle creature. She kissed it atop its head, immediately violet vines began to sprout from its head and enwrapped the young Queen.

“Septuachet, look,” the child’s Father pointed up toward the Infinite. In that instant several beams of light began to descend from the infinite towards various areas in the garden, almost as a rainbow would.  Did each energy source connect the Garden with the Infinite? “The seeds are replanting, Septuachet.”

“Oh yes father! The sacred Trees! Oh father I am so excited to learn.”

“All in do time, why don’t we get you some rest. It’s been a long night. Acknowledge the kingdom one last time.”

Septuachet took several steps towards platform that distended from the pyramids entrance.. She waved and provided a curtesy. With that action the kingdom roared with enthusiasm. The sound boomed so loud it awakened even those who were at slumber outside of the Garden’s walls.
Father, daughter and companion headed back towards the entrance of the Pyramid where they were greeted by Septuagi– the mother. She embraced her daughter for she understood the energy daughter expelled today. She gathered her daughter in her arms and gave her drink– that of the milk of life. She didn’t take the child to her room but to the chamber of resuscitation and lay the entire night with the child embraced within her bosom.


About jacktrismegistus

I am called Jack. I am an incarnation of all the Jack's that have ever been. My opinions and philosophies are a reflection of said Jack's. The blog is entitled Inglorious Resurrection because like you I have been granted yet another chance, and like you each chance granted becomes more degenerative than the previous. And like you, I yearn for a way out. Jack is my only glimpse of hope because there is a lil Jack in all of us.
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