The Mind of Androgyny –part 2– Septuachet’s Journey (A story by Jack)

Septuachet awakened to the enticing aroma of her mother’s meal and slobbering kisses from Swelven.  Her slumber was resuscitating.

“Oh Swelven, I’m so excited about today! I can not wait to explore my first lesson, the Tree of the Infinite!”

Welven looked up at her with a curious expression. He had the slightest clue as to what she was articulating but just felt happy to be near his friend.  Her energy excited him greatly and he began to cycle through colors.  His outer layer glowed every color of the rainbow in a matter of seconds and then halted on bright pink.

“Septuachet! Breakfast is ready! Make yourself ready and join me at the table,” said Septuagi.

“Swelven, I’ll meet up with you after breakfast. Go!”


“Where’s father?” Said Septuachet.

“He went to meet with the Council regarding the Destiny Debate”  Septuachet thought for a minute, and finally recalled what her mother was referring to.  For some strange reason she was hoping the council’s fear was nothing more than elders finding a purpose for themselves.  But she had the feeling that this council’s meeting was of dire importance and had extreme implications.

“Are they still worried mama?”

“Septuachet, you have nothing to worry about.  You have been chosen for a reason and you will fulfill your role beautifully.”  Septuachet’s worry did not remain with her at all, the meeting only sparked her intrigued.

“Thank you, mama”

Septuachet was so excited, she began eating more and more rapidly.  Like all perceptive mothers Septuagi took notice.

“Septuachet, the seeds of the Infinite aren’t going anywhere.”

“I know mama, but that doesn’t make me any less anxious.”  Septuachet’s anticipation of the days coming events quickly took her mind off of the council and back into the moment.

“I know darling, but be careful when you are out there. Do not over indulge in the fruit they bare. And the tree in the middle, I cautious you not to partake of its fruit, because it may show you things that can not be unshown.”

Septuachet looked at her mother with an inquisitive gaze. For her normally upbeat mother never alluded to such a foreboding. In this place of righteousness, what flaw could possibly surface. First the council and now this.

“Ok, mama.” Septuagi allowed her daughter to be dismissed from the table. She knew that it was Septuachet’s life to live and only prayed for the will of her daughter. She realized the outcome of an entire kingdom remained in the will of a child. It was a conundrum indeed but a necessary truth. She was surrounded by a feeling of calm and that unburdened her spirit.


Septuachet lay supine atop Swelven as he strolled through the garden towards the first Seed. The bright colors of the foliage tantalized Septuachet’s eyes as she rest back to back atop Swelven. The violets, oranges, pinks and purples shouted into her pupils and invited her to shout back. She let out a roar like a lion cub. Swelven bucked up as his vines ensured that she remained fastened to him. He jumped up and down excitedly and let out a trombone like sound from underneath, as an elephant would. The spirit of excitement inundated the atmosphere and even the insects joined their Queen in the excitement.

After a few hours of travel the end of the first rainbow-like energy stream drew near.

The energy of the rainbow scorched the surface of the earth and there was but a small leaf budding from the surface of the earth.  The rainbow combined with the earth and sprang forth life.

“Swelven, look!”

Swelven gave Septuachet a curious look. He could not see the bud if he wanted to.  His color became a opulent white.  Septuachet, remembered what her father told her. Only she had the sight to see each tree. Some may see one or maybe two, but only she has the sight to see all seven. Septuachet inhaled deeply as her skin began to crawl. She exhaled a mighty breath that made it’s way to the bud. Septuachet quickly found herself stepping outside of time with only her and the bud sharing a static state.


In an instant, Septuachet witnessed the bud grow exponentially. It quickly grew into a luscious tree with an abundance of leaves, it shed the leaves, shriveled up, turned black and repeated the process. It did this three times and after the third time a humanoid appeared to spring forth. Septuachet attempted to discern whether it was a he or she but could not. She felt no fear, only reassurance.

Septuachet stood ankle deep in autumn leaves. She was captivated by the glorious energy that expelled from this humanoid like creature. Its legs were rooted in the ground and its hair faded into the beam of rainbow energy. Although it was rooted in the garden it still managed to float around with great elegance, as a renown dancer would.

Septuachet thought back on her many lessons. “Yo…y…you must be the Tree of Transformation?”

It squinted its eyes and tilted its head to the side as it fastened its gaze upon the child. “Is that what they told you darling? How quaint. A euphemistic-rhetorical quib!” It placed its hand on its would be hip. “Allow me to introduce myself, I am renowned as Metecothaneus otherwise known as the Tree of Death, toots…”

Septuachet blinked twice.

“Speechless.. Yes I tend to have that effect.. But what is death but transformation anyhow.. Change, new, old, it’s all the same again, again, and then again again…”

Septuachet knew it wasn’t wise to speak unless she had something pertinent to say. So she simply listened, looked and hoped discernment would keep her in good standing.

“Child come here, I can take one look at you and tell there is something that you are dying to be.”

Septuachet approached, the Tree grew a branch from its body and rustled the leaves against Septuachet’s body.

“Yes child, your soul practically spills out your eyes. Such a pity, your willingness may lead to your demise. Any-who, where was I? Yes, your eyes foretell your death. This shell you no longer desire. Your soul knows the same beginnings as I, and your appearance is what you seek to change? Is that all you came to me for, a superficial changing of the exterior. I’ll say!”

Septuachet, did no longer wish to be a child but that is hardly the reason she came to the Tree. In fact she wasn’t sure why she came. She knew she felt compelled and willing.

The tree began to grow a fruit. It ripened as quickly as it grew.

“Here, partake upon this child.”

Metecothaneus extended the fruit to Septuachet and she held it in her hand for a moment. She rubbed the outside of the silver fruit, she analyzed all sides of it and decided to take a large bite.

“Sweet dreams…”

Septuachet began to slowly fall asleep. As she did so, a cocoon began to slowly enwrap her. A hardening multi colored shell began to form around her until it completely encompassed her.


About jacktrismegistus

I am called Jack. I am an incarnation of all the Jack's that have ever been. My opinions and philosophies are a reflection of said Jack's. The blog is entitled Inglorious Resurrection because like you I have been granted yet another chance, and like you each chance granted becomes more degenerative than the previous. And like you, I yearn for a way out. Jack is my only glimpse of hope because there is a lil Jack in all of us.
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